Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tae's lost her first tooth!!

About 3 weeks ago Taegan came out of school so excited that she finally had a loose tooth. For weeks now we have been wiggling it and watching the new tooth come in...yes there is already a new tooth coming in! Tae has been ready for the tooth fairy but not quite ready to pull the tooth out. So finally on Sunday she decided she was ready...her daddy tried to pull it then Tae gave it a try and then I had my turn but we all failed in our attempts! To be honest I probably didn't try to hard I just couldn't bring myself to do it! So today after I picked her up we went back to my school as we always do and Mrs. Leann pulled it for her! Tae was such a trooper she told Mrs. Leann she was ready and when it came out she ran down the hall to show everybody! She was so excited! So now we just have to wait for the tooth fairy to come tonight!

You can kind of see the blank spot on bottom, but you can see the new one coming in too!

Veterans Day

Today at Tae's school they had a program to honor the veterans. The kids sang a few songs for them and then passed out some things that they had made for them. It was fun to see and hear the kids as they sang. Tae has been so excited about today and talking about the veterans.

A Turkey in Disguise?!?

Last week Tae brought home a "Family Project". We had to disguise a turkey so Tae and I began to talk about how we would disguise her turkey. I came up with quite a few ideas which were all shot down by her, but only because she had one thing on her mind....her turkey was going to be disguised as a queen! So...we pulled out lots of stuff and got to work! I think it turned out pretty cute and Tae LOVED it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Taegan's Pumpkin

This year Taegan chose Dewdrop for her pumpkin!

Book Character Dress-Up Day!

For Halloween Taegan's school had "Book Character" Day. The kids were suppose to choose a book and dress-up like one of its characters. Well who do you think our little sassy girl chose to be...I bet you can guess...Fancy Nancy! Fancy Nancy is the perfect character for her because she is always putting necklaces, bracelets and rings on in the mornings before school. So we went through her dress-up box and pulled out all kinds of fancy things for her to wear. We had so much fun that morning while she was getting dressed! I think she looked precious....although she is my sweet girl!

Our Fancy Nancy!

Daddy and his "Fancy Taegan"! Daddy surprised her that day for lunch...she loved it!

Just being silly!

Can we say Sassy?!?

Taegan's First Field Trip

Taegan went on her first school field trip, and I got to go with her! We went to the zoo and had so much fun! The weather was perfect with a little coolness in the air. I think Tae's favorite part was riding the bus! She is always telling me I need to let her be a bus rider and my answer is always "No, but you can ride the bus when you go on a field trip" and that day finally came!! Yay for field trips!! I have to say it is a lot more fun going as a mommy instead of being the teacher...I really don't miss those days at all!! Mrs. Winkler, Tae's teacher, is just precious and so wonderful with the kids. Her husband met us at the zoo and he was wonderful with kids as well!