Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can we say Sassy?!?

Taegan loves princesses and reminds us often that she is one! Well...after our trip to my parents I was unloading the car when we returned home and here is what happened...

Me: (I dropped something of Taegans) Taegan will you please pick that up and take it in the house.

Taegan: Well...princess' don't pick things up.

Me: Well...let me tell you something....Cinderella is a princess and she cleans house.

Taegan: Well...then I change my mind, I am going to be a mermaid because they don't have legs!

After having this conversation....first let me say she did pick up whatever it was and take it in the house, the following happened.....

I found her layed out on our bed like a goddess waiting to be fed her grapes. As I walk in the room I hear her clap her hands 3 times and then is time to take care of me now! I was so shocked at what I had just heard that I just looked at her and asked her what she had just said and her reply was...nothing! Again I asked her what she said and again her reply was...nothing followed by I was just clapping my hands at my characters...that is a whole other story! I quickly let her know that she is not to ever clap her hands at anyone and tell them it is time to take care of her!

Oh....I think I am in so much trouble when she gets older! Prayers are welcome now...

A day on the farm!

Thursday Taegan's class went on a field trip to a local horse farm. It was the perfect weather to be outside! Taegan enjoyed being there with all of her friends and as for the horses she admired them from afar or maybe a little closer as long as there was a fence between them and her!

A Day in Kemah!

Taegan and I went to my parents for a few days over Spring Break. We had a great time visiting with everyone, shopping and spending a day in Kemah. Kemah is a great place to be on a beautiful day. There are a ton of good restaurants and loads of entertainment. Taegan loved being outside! There is a ring of jumping waters that she loved and really wanted to get into but it was a little cool and windy that day to be getting wet. We also enjoyed a yummy lunch and a train ride around the boardwalk! We had a great day that ended with a big bag of pink cotton candy!

One of her favorite spots...the jumping waters!

Taegan and her cotton of course! She said it tastes like pink fluff!

Baseball anyone?!?

One Saturday Chad, Taegan and I were outside enjoying the beautiful weather and Tae found her bat and a ball. We got to playing ball in the backyard and Chad was quite impressed at how well Tae was hitting the ball. I think the conversation went something like this:

Chad: I think we found her

Taegan: Girls don't play baseball!

Chad: No...girls play softball.

Taegan: Well....not this girl!

At this point Chad and I just look at each other and together ask well...what are you going to do?

Taegan: I am going to be an ice skater, a ballerina or a princess!


Here are a few of the special people in our lives....

My Mom and nephew Tyler,

Taegan and my niece Sara,

Taegan and her great great grandma,

and Taegan and her cousin baby Ayden!

We enjoyed our visit over Spring Break!