Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day!

We woke up Friday to a 5:30am phone telling us school was canceled! We enjoyed a lazy morning with some chocolate chip muffins and then we got layered up to go sledding. We had such a good time! Tae was soaked to the core but was as happy as can be! Once our fingers and toes were numb we headed home for a lazy afternoon. That night we enjoyed a yummy dinner with friends and made snow ice cream! We had a wonderful day just playing and being lazy together!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweetheart Ball!

For at least a month Taegan has been counting down to the Sweetheart Ball at her school. The Sweetheart Ball is a special night for daughters and their daddy and later in the evenings sons and their mommy. Taegan has been watching the decorations go up at school the past two weeks and I have to say it was precious! She has been so excited and as it got closer she would tell me how many more sleeps until the Ball. Well Saturday was the big day!! We had a pretty lazy day at home and as evening came it was time to get ready for her big date with daddy! She got dressed and then she proceeded to help her daddy get dressed by picking out his tie! Before leaving daddy surprised her with a beautiful wrist corsage made with her favorite flowers....roses! They enjoyed a fun night together dancing, having cupcakes and cookies and making memories!