Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Disney Dazzle"

Last week Taegan had her Kindergarten program. She has been so excited and singing the songs for me at home! There are 15 classes of kindergartners so you can imagine the kids! They all did a great job!! The program was full of Disney songs and dancing! Taegan's class performed to a Jungle Book song so they were dressed in safari...they all looked precious! My pictures didn't turn out great but I did get a couple at home before we left. She was soooo excited and just acting silly!!

Precious sweet!

She is soooo her daddy!!!

16 weeks and growing!

Taegan took this picture of my growing belly at the end of my 16th week...last week! She is loving watching my tummy grow and is constantly coming up with names for us! I am pretty sure at this point we won't be using any of her names, but who knows one day she might surprise us! Last night she laid her head on my tummy and after a minute she proudly said, "Mommy I heard the baby growl!". She is so precious!