Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazy Times....

Wow...things have been crazy lately, and I have fallen so far behind. In the last 3 months we have had a sweet baby boy, we have packed our house and moved and Chad had emergency back surgery! Let me just say I do not recommend moving with a 2 month old and especially one that prefers to be held! It has truly been crazy around our house and I am exhausted, but even through it all we see God's hand in everything that has gone on. God has truly blessed our lives with 2 beautiful kids and wonderful family and friends! I am so looking forward to Christmas and celebrating our Savior's birthday. My sweet friend Leslie had an Advent party and when I left her house I walked away with 24 amazing ornaments made by 24 amazing women and a devotional book. We started our devotions on December 1st and each night we have a new ornament to go with our devotion. We have the sweetest time each night during our devotion talking the true meaning of Christmas. Taegan can't wait each night to see what the ornament will be...we are looking forward to making this a tradition each year!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Months

I cannot believe how fast the time is going! Our sweet boy is already 2 months old...he is actually 3 months now, but I am a little behind! He is the most precious thing! I don't get a lot done during the day because he LOVES to be held! I know this will soon be over and I will miss the days that he wants to be held and cuddled. Taegan adores him and loves to help...most of the time! Luke is such a sweet blessing and we are so proud to have him as part of our family!

At his 2 month check-up he weighed 10pds 8oz and was 22 3/4" long.

We moved...

It has been a crazy few months! Right before school started we looked at a house...that wasn't for sale...and LOVED it! The man that owned it had thought about selling at times but really loved it too so just wasn't sure he wanted to, but knew it was really too big just for him. We talked with him and let him know that if he ever decided to sale to please call us. It really wasn't great timing for us because I was 8 months pregnant when we looked at it so we were okay with it being a while. We kept in touch with him and he wanted us to call when the baby was born so...Chad called him when Luke was 4 days old to let him know about the that time he said funny you called me today because I am going to look at a house tomorrow and I think it is the one. Wow...we were so excited but also a little overwhelmed. He called the next day to let us know he was ready to sell if we were ready to buy and of course we said yes! So I started to pack...not so easy with a baby that likes to be held all of the time...but it got done. Chad's mom came and stayed with me for a week to help with Luke and then my parents came the week of the move to help too...not sure what I would have done without them! So...we are now in a house we LOVE with our precious baby that still LOVES to be held with lots of boxes that will one day get unpacked!

My Halloween Treats!

50's Day!

Taegan's school had "50's Day" in October and she loved it! She had a poodle skirt to wear and she was counting the days to get to wear it!