Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

It snowed...and we missed it!

I have seen so many beautiful pictures of all of the wonderful snow that we had at home. It is amazing to see everything blanketed in 7 - 8 inches of pure white. I am sure it was even more beautiful in person! We missed it! I had gone with Chad to a conference in Florida and Taegan was staying with my parents in Pasadena. We were suppose to be home on Friday and if we would have made it we would have been here to see it all! But...we didn't make it. We ended up being in Florida a day longer than expected because of flight delays and cancellations. Everyone thinks being stuck in Florida...what a great thing especially when there is snow at home, but it was cold there so not as great as you would think. We finally made it to my parents but still didn't head home because we had no power at home so we stayed put until we new we had power to go home to. Saturday afternoon we headed home. Along the way we saw lots of melting snowmen and a few remnant's of the snow. At one point Taegan was holding back tears because she wanted to play in the snow and had missed it. Chad and I felt terrible since she will probably be 15 before we have a snow like that again. We were just hoping there was something left of it when we got home so she could at least see and touch it. Well when we finally arrived home we had a happy little girl. There wasn't much snow left but there was enough that she got to throw some snowballs and build a small snowman. Our little snowman looked like the typical Texas snowman....very small!

We might not have been home for the 7-8 inches of snow, but Taegan had a great time with the snow she did get to play in!

Taegan is such a funny girl!

As Taegan gets older she continues to make us laugh!

Like a lot of people at the beginning of the new year I have vowed myself to the treadmill! I am not one to enjoy exercise, but as I get older I am finding I probably need to fall in love with it! I have been doing pretty good at getting it in 4 to 5 times a week...very surprising I know! Well Taegan is usually around when I am doing this and learning that exercise is something you should do to keep in shape. She seems to be keeping up with the days I do and don't get on the treadmill. One night I was sitting on the bed and she was standing on the treadmill the conversation went something like this....

Taegan: Mommy are you going to get on the treadmill tonight?

Me: No...I think I am going to wait and do it tomorrow.

Taegan: Well...your tummy is going to get big.

Me: (not sure what to say I just look at her...I guess looking pretty surprised)

Taegan: (very matter of fact) Well it is!

She is definitely making sure I stick with the program! She is such a hoot and I LOVE every moment I have with her!

Where did January go??

I cannot believe January is gone and we are already half way through February. Where is the time going?? We brought in the New Year with some of our good friends in Louisiana. The kids had a great time playing together as usual. We really don't get together often enough these days.

Taegan and Max enjoyed playing some big kid games together....

but they also enjoyed being with Landry!