Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun!

What a wonderful Christmas! We started the week out on Sunday in Kilgore with Chad's family. Taegan had a great time playing with her cousins Emma and Brady. We enjoyed lots of good food, good fun and good company. We left Kilgore on Monday and headed for Pasadena to my family. Again we enjoyed lots of good food, good fun and good company. We stayed at my parents until Saturday and headed home that afternoon. It is always good to enjoy a nice long visit! Once we got home Christmas officially ended as the tree and decorations were packed away for another year. Taegan loved Christmas this year...especially the presents! As another year comes to an end we have many happy memories to reflect on! I hope you and your family enjoyed Christmas as much as we did!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A pink guitar?!?!

All throughout the month of December when Taegan was asked the question "What do you want for Christmas?" her answer has consistently been a pink guitar. She loves music and she loves to play and sing with her daddy. One night when he was playing and singing I asked her if she wanted to go listen to him not surprisingly she headed upstairs to him. While standing beside him watching she told us she couldn't play because she didn't have a pink guitar. Well, last night we exchanged our gifts and you will never guess what Taegan got...well you might. Taegan got a pink guitar! She was so excited. It needed a little tune up job so when she handed it to her daddy she told him to be very careful because it was very special. We had several mini concerts as the night went on with some beautiful playing and singing. Here is a little bit of one of her performances...the song is a Taegan original!

We rode the train!

On Thursday Chad picked Taegan and I up school and we headed to Palestine to ride the Polar Express. Taegan was dressed in her Christmas pajamas and very excited about riding the train. During the drive over she would ask if we were going to the train and tracks. When I told her yes that we were on our way she would look out the window and say "I don' see the train and tracks." She was very excited when we finally arrived at the station. As we waited for the train to arrive she was very excited. When the train pulled in to the station it was a little loud for her, but with her fingers in her ears watching it pull up to the gate you could see the excitement in her eyes! We boarded the train and the adventure began. First, the conductor came and punched our tickets, Taegan couldn't get over the mess he had made on the floor, then we were served hot chocolate and chocolate Santa's. Soon we came upon the North Pole and saw Santa and his elves waving as we rolled by. Much to every ones surprise after a short stop in the North Pole Santa came in to our train car delivering reindeer bells! On the way back to the station everyone sang Christmas carols. You could hear the bells ringing and the laughter and happiness throughout the train. A fun time was had by all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We saw Santa...

On Tuesday Santa came to school to see everyone and take pictures. Taegan was excited that he was coming, but when it came time for pictures she didn't have anything to do with him. At the end I finally convinced her he wasn't so bad and she reached out and touched his finger. I think she did it just to please me, so I could get a picture. She is very excited about him coming on Christmas, but still isn't sure what she wants him bring. She said surprises are good, but the one think she does want is a pink guitar so she can play with daddy!