Friday, July 23, 2010

Taegan went fishing!



she got a bite...

the BIG catch!

She's a shopper!

Taegan has had her eye on a Barbie fishing pole for a few months now. I'm not sure that fishing was that exciting to her, but the thought of having a Barbie fishing pole was very exciting! Chad was working in Tyler the other day and Tae and I had an errand to run in Tyler so when we finished up we were going to meet up with him to go buy a Barbie fishing pole. We finished up before he was done working so we had some time to pass so of course we passed that time where else but at the mall. As we walked through Dillard's Tae was pointing out lots of cute things and telling me what I should try on. I told her I was just looking and didn't want to try anything on which she didn't quite understand. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: I don't want to try anything on.

Tae: but it's cute!

Me: You're not being a very good shopping partner today....I just want to look...I'm not buying anything. Sometimes I just like to look!

Tae: Well....I'm the buying kind of girl!

Really?!? Where does she get this stuff?? Chad soon called and we met him to buy the Barbie fishing pole which made her very happy!

Tae and her new Barbie fishing pole!

Dancing Queen

A few weeks ago we went to a reception honoring my niece and her new groom. They were married in Florida a few weeks before in a beautiful ceremony on the beach! We had a wonderful time at the reception enjoying good food, yummy cake and some dancing. Much to my surprise Taegan was one of the first ones on the dance floor and she never came off! It didn't matter what type of music was on she was dancing! At one point I looked at Chad and said this worries me a little to which he it should! At 11:15 that night I told Taegan that we needed to go and she was not happy because she informed me she wasn't finished dancing yet. I finally got her to agree to leave but only because we were taking her sweet baby cousin Ayden home with us to spend the night. A fun night was had by all!

Ready for the party!

Doing some dancing with her cousin Grady!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wow...July already?!?

What happened to June? June was a crazy but great month for us! Taegan and I spent the first week spending time with my family and college roommate and her sweet much fun! We then headed home so Taegan could take swimming lessons the second week....she still doesn't like water in her face so we didn't get too far in the swimming process. It is very hard to swim if you won't get your face wet! The third week was a week we had been looking forward to for quite a while...a week in Florida with my family! Taegan and I flew out on Monday and Chad joined us on Thursday so he could be there for the reason we were all sweet niece got married on the beach on Friday night! It was a beautiful wedding and Sara was the perfect bride...beautiful as always! After a wonderful week in the Florida sunshine we headed home for a fun filled week of Vacation Bible School! We love VBS every year, but man it is an exhausting week! On Sunday after VBS we headed to Lake Charles to visit my sweet friend Becca and her precious kids. We enjoyed a few days with them and headed home on Tuesday. We have spent the last few days just catching up on rest and trying to get the house back in became a dumping ground during the month with all of the coming and going!

Taegan being silly with her cousins Grant and Grady!

Enjoying some pool time!

Having some playtime with her precious cousin Ayden!

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Benavides....Beautiful!

Precious flower girl...she loved every minute of it!

Beautiful Bride....Love her!

Many fun memories were made during the month of June and as crazy as it was it makes me smile to think about everything that we did! Looking forward to many more days of memory making!