Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet answers...

I think pretty much everything that comes out of Taegan's mouth is pretty cute! A lot of things she says I wonder how she came up with it or where she heard it. She is like a little sponge soaking everything in and it all seems to come out at some point in time. We have really been working on "Yes maam" and "Yes sir" lately and she pretty much has to be reminded every time. I am hoping that the day will come where it just comes out of her mouth without any thought. I had a very nice surprise today when she answered with a "yes maam" without being reminded. I am sure many reminders are still ahead of us, but today was a start. One of the sweetest things that we have been hearing lately is the answer to the question, "Taegan do you love me?". Her answer goes like this..."I love Jesus! I love Mommy! I love Daddy! I love Tiger!(the cat)" Does it get any sweeter than that?