Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It was a BIG day!

Monday was a big day that I have been prepping myself for for quite a while! It was Taegan's first day of Kindergarten! Back in the Spring when I looked at the school calendar I couldn't believe what I saw....I was going to have to take Taegan to her first day of Kindergarten on my birthday! I couldn't believe it...I just kept thinking that is the worst birthday present ever! was something I couldn't change and it did happen! Even though I had to take my baby to school I had a GREAT day! After taking her to school my sweet friend Leslie came by and got me. We went to her house for a quick stop and then we headed to breakfast at Cracker Barrel where we met another friend and enjoyed a yummy breakfast. After breakfast we both needed a few things at Wal-Mart so we made a quick stop there. Leslie has a precious baby girl Nellie Grace and a precious little boy Grayson who were with us so we were not left alone and childless! I just LOVE Grayson he makes me laugh and we had a great time that morning! We got to pick our sweet babies up early so after Wal-Mart it was very close to dismissal time. Chad and I met at home and then we headed to pick up our sweet girl! After picking her up Chad told me he had made me a pedicure appointment at the spa in town and that he and Taegan were going to bake me a cake while I was gone. So...I headed off and they got to baking! I think they had a great time spending the afternoon together without mommy and I have to say I enjoyed myself while I was gone too! When I got home Taegan couldn't wait to show me the cake they had made....

I was so proud of them! They did a great job and it was decorated with princess sprinkles and safari candles! It tasted really yummy too! Overall it turned out to be a great birthday even if I did have to start out by taking my baby to school!

Taegan's first boat ride!

Some sweet friends of ours have a lakehouse not to far from us so we have been playing with them this summer. On Sunday they were so sweet to do an early birthday dinner for me. Before dinner we went out in the boat for a bit. I wasn't sure how Tae would like it because she is a pretty cautious little thing, but on the other hand she loves a little adventure! She LOVED it! She really liked watching her daddy wake board and then much to my surprise she went out in the water with him. This is BIG for her! We were so proud of her just kicking and swimming out in that water. When we got back to their house she got in the pool for a while but then wanted to get back in the lake! Thank you Mrs. Cathey and Mr. Joe for a fun night!

Taegan LOVES Mrs. Cathey!

She is pretty fond of her Daddy too!

Playing in the lake and loving it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

Taegan had a great day! She loves her teacher, and I think they are a perfect match!

We are on our way...

we are almost there...

we made it! Taegan and her teacher, Mrs. Winkler!

Praying for a spectacular year!