Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wedding bells already??

...don't tell her daddy! My dear friend Leslie has two precious little boys Cullen and Grayson. Taegan loves them both and they all get along great. Cullen informed Leslie one day that he and Taegan were going to get married. So, one night they were over for dinner and I had some time to visit with Cullen. I asked him if he and Taegan were going to get married and he replied "yes". I then asked him if they had talked about it and again he replied "yes". After that he informed me that they were going to have a three babies. It was so funny because he was very serious in the conversation and very sure of his answers. They could make a very sweet pair one day, but if I want Taegan's daddy to be around a little longer we better keep it at playdates for now!

Could they be the future Mr. and Mrs. Cullen Bunt?? Only time will tell!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Such a sweet sound

Monday I spent the day doing some "Spring" cleaning in January. It is never fun to do, but it sure does feel good when it is all done. As I was cleaning Taegan kept herself entertained with cartoons, her dolls and playdough. She even helped me clean for a little while. While she was sitting in the breakfast room playing with playdough I could hear her singing as I was cleaning. What a sweet sound it is to her little voice singing, but to hear her sing "Jesus Loves Me" makes it that much sweeter. I took some video to share, but can't seem to get it uploaded. I'll keep trying.