Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun with Friends!

We started our visit off with a yummy dinner at Pasado's! Becca and I relly enjoy good food and can always seem to find something yummy to eat!

On Wednesday we went to the Discovery Science Place. The kids had a great time exploring and playing together!

On Friday we went to the zoo! It was a beautiful day! We got there that afternoon when all of the school field trips were headed out so it was pretty quiet which made for a very nice day! The kids didn't care for the rhinos too much...they were pretty stinky...Taegan was gagging by the time we walked out of the rhino house! They did on the other hand LOVE the birdhouse where you can feed the birds! It was a great day with great friends!

A lifelong gift from God...

Last week one of my best friends and her sweet kiddos came to visit! We had so much fun and the kids really enjoyed each other! I try my hardest all the time to get them back to Lindale...John you know you want to come back! I met Becca the year we moved to Lindale. Her and her husband had moved here about the same time we did. I met both of them at the new teacher breakfast for LISD. We were all new teachers to the district. I was going to be teaching 1st grade, Becca was going to be teaching 2nd grade and John was going to be at the High School. We enjoyed breakfast that morning and then set off for our meetings. Becca and I talked some after the school year began but really got to know each other later that year. You see her husband John found out in November that he was going to be shipped over seas because he was in the National Guard. As expected Becca was having a pretty tough time with this as any of us would. They both grew up in Louisiana and had moved to Lindale after getting married and getting jobs in LISD. So now not only was she in a new place but her husband was leaving and her family was in another state. It hadn't been long after John had left and Becca was trying to adjust to being on her own that I was talking to our sweet counselor one day at school. We were talking about Becca and how hard things must be...I couldn't imagine what she was going through. I was having a hard time adjusting to a new place and my husband was home with me. I had told Becca to call me if she needed anything but Mrs. Rouse quickly reminded me that people had told me that when I got here and she asked me how many had I called....of course my answer was none! So she told me to go to her house that night...I have to say that it is so not my character to just show up at someones house but I knew I couldn't go back to work the next day and tell her I didn't go. So...much to my surprise I found that she lived right around the corner from me. She wasn't feeling well so I just went in her house and sat down and started watching TV with her. The next night we went to dinner...and that is when it all began! Becca was and still is such a blessing in my life! I LOVE her so much! Even though we don't see each other as often as we would like we always have a great time together when we do. It is so fun to see our kids growing up with each other...Taegan LOVES Max and Landry and ask all the time if they can come play at her house...Oh how I wish this could be a daily occurrence!

My Sweet Blessings!


Easter was filled with lots of fun this year as it always is! The weather was beautiful and perfect for egg hunts outside! Our Easter celebrations started with Taegan's egg hunt at school. She took her time collecting eggs and would stop and show her teacher and me every egg she picked up. We would quickly redirect her to more eggs, but she was really in no hurry!

That night we had some special visitors coming to see us! My sister, niece and her precious baby and my nephew all came to see us! We had a such a great time with them. We went to Canton, dyed easter eggs, made cupcakes and even did some shopping in Tyler before they headed home. Taegan LOVES when they come to visit...well I do too! My nephew is 12 but Taegan enjoys him so much, and he is so good with her. They pick on each other all the time but no one ever seems to get mad. It is so much fun to watch them together! Tae also enjoyed having baby Ayden at her house. He is the most precious thing you have ever seen and it was really nice to have a baby in the house again...the best part of him being here was that I got to enjoy him but I didn't have to get up at night with him!

Easter morning Taegan enjoyed going through her basket to see what the bunny brought and then we got dressed for church. We enjoyed a wonderful church service and then we headed to Chad's parents for a yummy lunch and more egg dying and hunting!