Monday, September 19, 2011

Some first and last pictures...

One last picture before heading to hospital. Taegan was so excited when we woke her up and told her that it was time to have the baby!

Introducing...Luke Nickel born at 7:01am on Friday, September 9, 2011...weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long...He is perfect!!

Big Sister Taegan finding out she has a brother...her response was "See...I told you so!"...she had been telling us all along that we needed a brother! She adores him!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots has happened since school started...

First, I will say Taegan is LOVING school..which is no surprise! She couldn't wait for it to start and looks forward to going everyday! Since she has started school I have been busy trying to get everything in order for the baby picking up last minute things and stocking up on daily groceries so I wouldn't get caught with an empty pantry and nothing for Tae's lunches. I have had weekly appointments since school started and everything has been looking good. Baby is growing beautifully and my doctor has been very pleased with what she is seeing. She has told me all along that I can electively induce at 39 weeks and that she wouldn't let me go over 40 weeks. appointment on September 7th was a big one because we were going to set a date for baby! Chad was really hoping she would let us go in the next day on the 8th because we had some good friends going in to be induced that day but I wasn't 39 weeks yet so she didn't even consider it...which didn't really surprise me! So we set September 13th to be the day and we were to be at the hospital at 5:00am. With a date on the calendar everyone had been called and we had a plan! Well as most of us know when it comes to baby's they sometimes have their own plan! At 12:45am on Friday morning my water broke. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest when I realized what was going on! I wasn't having contractions so we took our time getting things together and making sure this was the real deal...after all if I was going to wake Tae up and take her to someones house at this time of night I wanted to make sure it was for real...after many more gushes of water I was sure. is a timeline of our events...

12:46 am Friday, September water breaks!

1:15 am...we wake Taegan up and get her things together...she woke up very excited!

1:30am...Taegan gets dropped off at our precious friends, Joe and Cat's

1:45am...we are headed to the hospital and grandparents are called

2:15am...we are checking in the ER

3:00am...we are settled in and the contractions start

3:45am...dilated to almost 4 and requested an epidural

4:05am...epidural is going in

4:30am...epidural is complete and relief has hit!...dilated to a 5 and the nurse says she will be back in 2 hours

6:20am...I call for the nurse...fully dilated and time to call the doctor doctor arrives

7:01am...Baby is born!!

It was a very calm night that Chad and I enjoyed together welcoming our sweet baby boy into the world! Yes...I said boy! I think we were both shocked and still are after 9 days!