Saturday, June 4, 2011

A night away...

The day after Taegan finished school was Chad's birthday so we thought it would be fun to get away and celebrate his birthday and the end of a great school year! So Saturday afternoon we headed to the Ranger's game where we enjoyed very nice weather and Taegan's first "ballgame hotdog"! She has decided hot dogs aren't so bad and she couldn't wait to get one at the game!

After the game we headed to the hotel. The next morning we enjoyed a lazy morning before heading out to lunch and then for a little bowling. Taegan had never been bowling but loves to bowl on the Wii so we thought it would be fun. Taegan wasn't feeling great but she was a trooper and enjoyed the day!

Last day of Kindergarten...

I cannot believe how fast this school year went by and that we now have a first grader! Taegan had a great year with a teacher that she adores and made some very special new friends! Taegan's class had a beach party on the last day of school and the kids had a blast! They were so excited when they came into the room and it was party time with beach towels, sand buckets full of goodies and ice cream sundaes!

First day of Kindergarten...

last day of Kindergarten!

Beach Party!

Taegan and Mrs. Winkler...Taegan LOVES her!

Our official first grader!

Field Day

Taegan had field day several weeks ago and it was a morning full of fun! Chad and I went to watch and it was so fun walking from activity to activity with her class watching all of the kids have such a good time!